Bridging the Literary Gap

Addressing Children’s Literacy in Colombia

by Delia Visbal

In a world where knowledge is power, the ability to read opens doors to endless opportunities. In Colombia, however, a significant portion of children face barriers to accessing the literary world that many take for granted. As we delve into the issue of literacy in Colombian children, it’s imperative to compare their access to books and reading materials with their counterparts, such as American children.

A Call to Action

Addressing Malnutrition Among
Colombian Children

by Delia Visbal

Malnutrition remains a pressing issue affecting children worldwide, and Colombia is no exception. Despite efforts to combat this problem, many Colombian children continue to suffer from inadequate nutrition, posing serious threats to their health and well-being. In this article, we delve into the root causes of malnutrition, its consequences, and explore potential solutions, including the role of organizations like NEACOL.

About the Author

Hello, I am Delia, a proud Colombian, born and raised in Barranquilla. I came to the US by myself 11 years ago and today, I am still the only member of my family living in the US. I like having deep conversations, sharing my culture through storytelling, exchanging life experiences and ways of living with others. I also enjoy learning about other people’s cultures and I am especially amazed about immigration stories from decades ago when we didn’t have phones or the internet.

Years ago through lots of time of reflection, I realized that my purpose in life and the reason I was born was to help others in need and spread kindness, hope and positivity to the world. I work full time in a tech company in New York City in the Client Services team as an Account Manager. I volunteer at NEACOL because I feel the pain of people in need deep in my heart, I believe that every child deserves to be healthy, educated and being fed nutritious food to have a brilliant future and I want to help our Colombian children.

Some fun facts about me is that in college I traveled through Europe for 2 months dancing with my university’s folk dancing group and this experience showed me how English was really the door to connect with people from so many cultures. I was an Au Pair (live-in nanny) with an American family for 2 years. I taught English to a DEA agent. I am afraid of heights but I have done skydiving and walked the EdgeWalk on the top floor of the CN Tower in Toronto. I ran 9 races with the NY Road Runners in 2023, I just ran the Brooklyn Half a couple weeks ago and I will be running the 2024 NYC Marathon this November.

My favorite slogan is “Don’t measure success by how much you have but by how many people you have impacted”.

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