Current Projects


Altos del Cabo by Fondacio

Project: Integral Ecologic Center
Location: Eastern mountains of Bogotá
Mission: Execute activities that contribute 

to the development of human integrity.
Impact: 200 children up to age 18.

Corporación Proyectandote Al Futuro

Project: Early Childhood Nutrition

Location: Corregimiento Llano Rico, Choco

Mission: Formulate, execute, and evaluate projects that promote the social and environmental growth and development of the community,  breast-feeding mothers and children in the region.
Impact: 100 children up to age 5

Resguardo Indigena Zenu, El Volao

Project: Access to potable water
Location: Municipio de Necocli, Antioquia
Mission: Safeguard the life, culture, tradition and well-being of native communities
Impact: 541 children between ages 6 and 17.

Angeles Somos

Project: Nutritious food production for the children and families
Location: Arroyo Grande, Cartagen
Mission: Research on childhood wellbeing promoting the fulfillment of childhood rights.
Impact: 143 children up to age 18.


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Past Projects

Fundacion Origen 
(Origen Learning Fund)

Learning Together
Rioacha, La Guajira

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200 • Education • 2023

Inclusive education, digital skills development as well as communicative and STEAM for the deaf, indigenous and migrants. The program focuses on teaching Colombian sign language to deaf children. This is achieved with the use of O-lab, an application developed by the foundation that can be used with low-cost equipment and also offline.
Beneficiaries: 200 indigenous, migrants and afro descendants children between 2-16 years old — 50% with disabilities, primarily children with hearing impairments.


Fundación Educadora Infantil (Carla Cristina) 

Caldas, Antioquia

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300 • Education • 2023

MonstruoTerapia: The project includes the delivery of 300 kits of Monstruo Terapia, a strategy that strengthens children’s emotional development and emotional skills. Each kit has four stuffed animals and four books that are designed to teach and accompany children and adults to manage their own emotions and overcome their daily fears.



Fundacion Cindes

➤ For the right to equality 
of opportunities
Pereira, Risaralda

180 • Education • 2023

Offers an inclusive educational program for children with disabilities or vulnerability that enables them to achieve comprehensive development and significantly advance their learning process. This is achieved through a pedagogical model that integrates academic, playful, recreational, artistic, cultural and vocational training processes. 
Beneficiaries: 60 children with cognitive, motor, autism and multiple disabilities, all in conditions of displacement and their families for a total of 180 beneficiaries.


Fundacion Ximena Rico LLano

Creser + Saludables
Medellin, Antioquia

Fundacion Acesco

➤ Hambre Cero en Casa
Malambo, Atlantico

Corporacion 900 Metros 
de Cultura

Potable Water Zone
Puerto Lopez, Meta

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1300 • Health • 2022

Guaranteed comprehensive nutritional care and immunization for children under 5 affected by the covid-19 pandemic.

300 • Health • 2022

Contributed to the food security of 120 students at risk of malnutrition through the implementation of home vegetable gardens for their family.

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300 • Education • 2022

Reduced the rates of malnutrition, school dropouts and disease, caused by the consumption of non-potable water at the Yaaliakeisy Educational Institution.


Food Relief Program
Haverhill, Massachusetts

YMCA of Greater of Boston

➤ Feeding Children and Community
East Boston, Massachusetts


Hand in Hand
Cordoba, Antioquia

134 • Nutrition • 2020/2021

Food Relief Program for Latinx Children during COVID-19. Funds applied provided families with food and supplies during the pandemic.

150 • Nutrition • 2020/2021

Provided directly to the homes of those affected by the Covid-19 crisis, especially Colombian families and children.

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300 • Nutrition • 2020/2021

Delivered grocery kits consisting of nutritional food to children up to age 5, and pregnant women suffering from malnutrition.

Asociacion Pan de Vida Cer

Bread of Life

Fundacion para la asistencia de la Ninez Abandonada Fana

➤ Nutritional Support
Bogota, Cundinamarca

Fondo de Protección Infantil 
de Neiva

Feeding Lives
Neiva, Huila

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2012 • Nutrition • 2020/2021

Delivered essential grocery kits to families isolated and quarantined during the pandemic.

811 • Nutrition • 2020/2021

Delivered essential groceries to families and the children they were serving are not receiving the previously provided nutritional support and going hungry.

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420 • Nutrition • 2020/2021

Fondo is a home for children ages 7 to 17 that have been victims of poverty and abuse. Delivered essential supply kits to them and their families.

Fundacion Soydoy

Nutrihuertas for the Arhuaco indigenous communities
El Cesar, Cesar

Hermanas Capuchinas

➤ Community dining area
Rioacha, La Guajira

Fundacion A-Kasa

Quilichao Family Gardens
Santander de Quilichao, Cauca

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313 • Nutrition • 2020/2021

Brought sustainable support to the food security of children from the Arhuaco community of Gunchukwa indigenous reservation in Colombia, via food production and nutritional education.

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100 • Nutrition • 2020/2021

Implemented daily comprehensive nutrition for six months to children up to 12 years old.

25 • Nutrition • 2020/2021

Delivered 25 productive units to families with children with disabilities, and they received the training and support for the creation of the garden. A matrix garden was created sowned with “Pancoger” food for the families.

Spirit of Soccer

Meta, Cauca

Convivencia Productiva-Respira

Cauca, Cauca

Mocoa Children

➤ Mocoa, Putumayo

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2000 • Education • 2019

Funded programs that use soccer to educate children living in conflict and post conflict regions about the dangers of landmines, unexploded ordnance (UXO) and other Explosive Remnants of War (ERW).

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600 • Health • 2019

Funded programs that contributed to well-being and peace, with a dedicated team sharing the vision of being a model for mindfulness practice.

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1,217 • Education • 2017

In partnership with WorldVision, NEACOL provided recreational kits to benefit the children of Mocoa affected by the deadly flooding of April 2017.

Shoes to the World

Shoes to the World
Medellin, Antioquia

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Fundacion Las Golondrinas

Antioquia and Cordoba, Antioqua

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Asociación Pan de Vida Cer

Albán, Cundinamarca

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2400 • Heath • 2017

Project  donated new shoes to children ages 3-18 living in poverty in seven schools serving the poorest communities in Medellin.

600 • Nutrition • 2017

This project promoted breast feeding and helps decrease childhood malnutrition.

240 • Nutrition • 2017

Provided Children with either breakfast or lunch, their only meal of the day.



Cultural Agents
Medellin, Antioquia

Co School Fundación Imaginario

Cali & Yumbo, Valle del Cauca

Jose Luis Berrio

Cartagena, Bolivar

1000 • Education • 2017

This project educated teachers to stimulate reading and writing creativity to increase and develop critical reading and reasoning skills for children.

200 • Education • 2017

Offered innovative programs to strengthen the character and leadership skills of students.

1 • Education • 2017

Jose, a talented 17 year old violinist. was invited to play for two months with Director Jorge Arturo Soto of the “Boston String Academy” and with Professor Marielisa Alvarezof the “Longy School of Music”.


Fundación Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

Cultural Agents
Educational Toys
Santa Marta – Magdalena

50 • Education • 2016

Sent educational toys to Children in Santa Marta – Magdalena.

Diocesis de Rioacha

Learning under a Roof
Riohacha, La Guajira

300 • Education • 2016

Funds helped to expand the Madre Veronica School and provide quality education and opportunities to more children in need from the region. Supported the construction of two classrooms at the Madre Verónica school.

Fundacion Cakike

Bogota, Cundinamarca

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16 • Education • 2016

Contributed to the promotion and development of values in children and young people through artistic education.

Fundacion Futbol para el Futuro

Medellin, Antioquia

First Step Big Step

Yumbo, Valle del Cauca

To Love is to Give

Yumbo, Valle del Cauca

100 • Education • 2016

Funded programs that use soccer to educate children living in conflict and post conflict regions about the dangers of landmines, unexploded ordnance (UXO) and other Explosive Remnants of War (ERW).

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156 • Nutrition • 2015

Funded programs that contributed to well-being and peace, with a dedicated team sharing the vision of being a model for mindfulness practice.

200 • Education • 2014

Provide 200 backpacks with school supplies to schoolchildren in high risk communities and with great financial need.

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