NEACOL is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization based in Massachusetts, comprised of Colombians and friends of Colombia committed to volunteering and collaborating to support social initiatives for the benefit of Colombian children. Our goals are to generate innovative ideas, raise awareness, and channel resources to provide a better quality of life for Colombian children in need. The three areas of focus for NEACOL are education, health and nutrition.

Our History

Have you wondered how your existence connects to the reality of thousands of people and children who you do not know, and perhaps, thousands of miles away?

In 2012, a group of friends in Boston along with the consul of Colombia, Monica Pinzon, explored this question. They realized that they could make a social and economic impact on the daily life of thousands of Colombian children who were living in poverty. This is how the New England Association for Colombian Children (NEACOL) was born. The goal was to channel resources from the New England area that addressed needs for Education, Health and Nutrition for children in Colombia.

The idea is now supported throughout the world by many Colombians and friends of Colombia who wanted to invest socially in programs to improve the life conditions of children in need.

In December 2014, NEACOL received the official 501(c)(3) status as a nonprofit organization based in Massachusetts. The same year, NEACOL provided its first grant to fund an initiative in education. This first project impacted the lives of 270 impoverished children from Valle del Cauca, Colombia.  

As of 2024, we have distributed $390,000 to 37 projects serving 19,000 children in need.

Our Mission

NEACOL’S mission is to generate resources to support social programs and unite efforts that will contribute to improving life conditions of Colombian children in need.

Our Vision

A more prosperous life for Colombian children. 

Our Welcome Presentation

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