Our Core Values

• respect 

• integrity & honesty 

• transparency 

• trust 

• listening, open communication 

& growth mindset 

• teamwork & collaboration 


• commitment & accountability 

• tolerance & flexibility 

• Diversity & Inclusion 

• Community, Support, Friendsh


The treatment of others with kindness and deference in daily interactions, giving importance to their values, views, opinions and preferences.

  • We believe all of our team member’s contributions and roles are valuable and important to NEACOL’s success and everyone deserves to be treated with respect and consideration.
  • We will therefore treat our team members with respect at all times (the same way we would like to be treated).
  • We encourage every team member to speak their opinion and ideas and we will  listen to what others have to say refraining from interrupting to express our own viewpoint.  
  • We will always use kind, inclusive and polite language and tone and be mindful and respectful of our team members’ work, availability, their different contributions and time.
  • We may make requests, suggestions and constructive criticism on a direct / one on one basis  but will never make demands of or criticize other team members in public.


Acting in a way you know to be right and kind in all situations, being truthful and sincere with your words, actions and thoughts.

  • We believe in knowing and doing what is right and taking responsibility and standing up for our actions.
  • We will commit to honest behavior by being straightforward, reliable, truthful, responsible, respectable and sincere.
  • Any type of corrupt or dishonest behavior will be exposed and will not be tolerated.
  • As a member of our NEACOL team we are expected to behave with integrity and honesty at all times.


A lack of hidden agendas or conditions, accompanied by the availability of full disclosure of information required for collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making.

  • We believe in the need to be open and transparent about our project selection process, our activities, processes and finances, so that it is always clear how we are acting and utilizing our funds in the pursuit of our mission and vision.
  • We will publish this information on our website so that it is accessible to members, volunteers, partners and donors alike.


The firm belief in the character, strength, or truth of someone or something.

  • We trust and understand that all our team members have NEACOL’s best interest at heart (we all want what is most beneficial to NEACOL and  have well meaning intentions  when we volunteer.  We will therefore always give each other the benefit of the doubt and avoid judging our actions.  
  • If we have a concern or feel uncomfortable with something, we should be able to talk to the person(s) involved and they shall help clarify any questions or misunderstandings without feeling their judgment is being questioned, as we will trust that the questions and concerns are genuine.

Listening, open communication & growth mindset

  • We believe all good communication starts with listening and keeping an open mind and a growth mindset (a belief that we can always continue to grow and learn through experience, effort and input from others). We will therefore strive to practice active listening and refrain from interrupting or making assumptions when we can ask the other person directly for clarification.
  • We will feel free to provide our opinions and ideas openly at all times and we will welcome the opinions and ideas of others.
  • We will provide each other with constructive criticism, which focuses on suggestions and ways to improve a process or to obtain better results, rather than criticizing the person or their actions, avoiding gossip.
  • We will keep the channels of communication open at all times with our team members using their preferred methods of communication.

Teamwork & Collaboration


  • Teamwork is the collaborative effort of a group to achieve a common goal or to complete a task in the most effective and efficient way, in which individual interests are subordinated for the team’s benefit.
  • We believe that when we work together as a team we can use our synergies and are capable of accomplishing more, and NEACOL can benefit from the different experiences, ideas, points of view and capabilities that all of our volunteers bring to the table.  
  • • We will strive to help each other whenever and as much as possible, eliminating obstacles and finding solutions instead of focusing on the problems.
  • • We value our working relationship with each other and commit to being responsive to our team member’s needs and limitations and to keeping our working environment a collaborative one.  
  • • We will be there to support each other and you can reach out for support to anyone in the team, regardless of what committee they are in.  You should never feel alone in an assignment


Granting of the power, right, or authority to perform various acts or duties

  • We believe empowerment is autonomy with boundaries.  It is about valuing and trusting team members abilities and giving them the goals, information, and tools they need to make good decisions and achieve results.  
  • When teams are truly empowered, they have the information and ability to make decisions. They set goals and hold each other accountable for achieving the results.
  • All of our committee and work teams will be empowered to make decisions and act as they see fit to advance and support NEACOL’s initiatives, goals and mission, given appropriate parameters and the resources they have available.

Commitment & accountability

An individual’s adherence to a cause, attitude, or belief and the acceptance of responsibility for one’s own actions.

  • We are committed to doing the best that we can at all times,  and to approach everything with a “can do” attitude.
  • If we agree to take on a specific task or responsibility, we commit to getting it done or obtaining the necessary help to get it done.

Tolerance & flexiblity

The capacity to endure pressure or uncertainty without becoming frustrated and the ability to adjust to changes without creating stress or drama.

  • We understand that our team members have different points of view and experience and we should be accepting of these differences and embrace them.  
  • We understand that even when we make our best efforts things may not turn out exactly how we want them or envision them, and changes to timelines and procedures may be necessary.  As such, we need to be flexible and tolerant of our volunteer’s needs and capacities and shall try to avoid getting frustrated.
  • Sometimes we will need to agree to disagree and abide by the decision of the majority of those responsible for executing an activity or initiative.   Even when we disagree with process or details, as a member of the NEACOL team we shall still continue to help our team move forward towards its goals and vision.

Diversity & inclusion

Involving a range of people with various racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, gender, religious, cultural backgrounds, lifestyles, and experience, and valuing and integrating their presence, contributions, perspectives and interests into an environment.

  • We value diversity, equity, inclusion, and dignity for all.
  • We recognize that our differences make us stronger and by seeking out different perspectives, we learn from each other and produce better results. 
  • Members of the different committees shall be included as early as possible in discussions and planning for the different initiatives of the organization, so that each team’s perspective is taken into account in the initiative’s execution.
  •  Volunteers are always welcome and we will provide an equal opportunity for volunteers to participate in committees, task forces, and execution teams.
  • We encourage the civil and respectful expression of ideas and opinions

Community, support, friendship

Community is a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. A supportive friend is someone who understands who you are and what you need, is ready to lend a hand, to share memories and meaningful experiences and who will be with you through thick and thin.

  • We believe that one of the wonderful aspects of volunteering and being a member of NEACOL is the opportunity to make new friends and close personal ties.
  • At NEACOL we are committed to building a supportive community of friends working together for a common cause, where everyone is welcome and treated as part of our NEACOL family.
  • Our NEACOL family is there for us and we shall count on each other’s assistance and support.
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