An informational webinar for those interested in submitting an application was held on Thursday April 4th, 2019 at noon Eastern Standard Time (11 AM in Colombia).

April 24th, UPDATE: The call for proposal deadline is extended to May 17th. The funding priority is NUTRITION in rural and indigenous populations from any region of Colombia.


NEACOL’s grant program serves our mission: to provide financial resources to support programs that contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of Colombian children in need. NEACOL’s grant program addresses three broad areas that are aligned with its mission: health, education and nutrition. This year the funding priority is NUTRITION in rural and indigenous populations.


Eligibility is limited to established nonprofit agencies located in Colombia that serve Colombian children. For 2019, eligible organizations should be working in the area of nutrition and fulfill the following two criteria:

  • Serve children between the ages of 0 to 12 years
  • Serve children in rural or indigenous areas from any region of Colombia.

NEACOL’s goals can best be achieved by directing its resources to non-profit entities that meet the criteria noted below as well as the eligibility requirements noted above. Consequently, grants will NOT be awarded to the following types of applicants and programs:

  • Private individuals
  • Programs that serve children outside of Colombia
  • Programs that serve sectarian or religious purposes
  • Programs that serve political purposes

Stand-alone programs within umbrella organizations may be eligible for capacity-building support, if they meet the following criteria:

  • The umbrella organization provides the non-profit [501(c)3] status, but not more.
  • The program has a separate budget and must raise its own funds to cover its expenses. (The umbrella organization may cover a small proportion of the administrative costs.)
  • There is a letter agreement or memorandum of understanding between the program and the umbrella organization.
  • The program is central to the mission of the umbrella organization and serves a substantial number of its target population.


NEACOL may award grants of up to $10,000.00 USD, contingent upon funds raised during 2019, and depending on the scope of project. This grant program is highly competitive because funding is limited.


Funding applications will be reviewed in a two-step process. Interested organizations that meet the eligibility criteria for 2019 should first submit a Letter of Intent that briefly describes the project for which funding is requested.

(Click on this link to open the form)

After reviewing these letters, NEACOL will pre-select those applicants whose proposed projects best meet NEACOL’s mission and funding priorities for 2019. Preselected applicants will then be asked to submit more extensive and detailed proposals for a thorough review, from which final grant awardees will be selected.

The second step will be the submission of a more extensive, detailed proposal by the short listed organizations, from which NEACOL will select grant recipients.


Projects will be judged on their ability to help organizations meet the nutritional needs of children from 0 to 12 years of age. NEACOL seeks to award grants where the amount invested can have an impact that is significant and verifiable. When reviewing grant proposals NEACOL will consider the following:

  • The organization must be a legitimate non-profit charitable organization, such as a 501(c)(3) corporation.
  • The organization must have a sound plan for using the funds to strengthen its capacity to benefit Colombian children.
  • The organization must provide evidence that grant funds will help secure future funding, support an affiliation, ensure its stability or achieve other benefits.
  • Proposals should align their priorities to the Plan Nacional de Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutricional (PNSAN) 2012-19
  • Grant funds are not intended to support annual operating expenses.
  • Proposals’ completeness, clarity and conciseness.
  • The organization must provide evidence that the project can reasonably be expected to meet its goals.
  • Funds requested must be consistent with the project’s goals and with the size of the target population that it benefits.
  • Size of the population that the project will benefit.
  • A project impact evaluation.

Additional considerations:

  • Potential to ensure successful program implementation by sharing program costs with funds from other sources, since NEACOL’s funds may not be sufficient.


  • Letters of Intent were received until Friday May 17th, 2019 @ 5 PM EST (4 PM in Colombia)


The NEACOL Project Committee reviews all preliminary and final applications before it makes funding recommendations to NEACOL's president and Board of Directors. The Board makes final decisions on selection of grantees and amounts of awards. We will take up to five months to complete the review process (See review timeline below). Proposals that do not meet the application deadlines or grant guidelines will be eliminated. Applicants that are rejected will be promptly notified. Applicants that are selected for a grant award will be notified by email when the Board of Directors makes final decisions.

+ Timeline Summary

  • Informational Webinar for Interested Applicants: April 4, 2019
  • Letters of intent due: May 17, 2019
  • Preselected Projects’ Announcement: June 21, 2019
  • Full Proposals Due: July 22, 2019
  • Final Awards’ Announcement: September, 2019
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