Vice President

In the absence or disability of the President, the powers and duties shall be performed by the Vice President for the duration of the President’s absence. In addition, the Vice President shall assist in the performance of the functions of the President as is necessary. In addition, the Vice President shall:

  • Serve as the liaison between the officers  and operating committees and shall be responsible for ensuring that committees are appropriately staffed at all times, according to the approved staffing plan.

  • Review operating committees monthly reports and assist them with any issues that they are may have in the execution of their action plans.

  • Submit a staffing plan for the Executive Committee and Operating Committees within one month of being elected.

  • Facilitating communication among Operating Committees and coordinating periodic meetings among the different committee heads,  committee members, and the executive officers (and the board when appropriate).

  • Execute a signature with the bank that holds the account for the organization.

VicePresident Time Commitment

4-6 hours per week


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