The Treasurer shall, subject to the direction of the Board, have general charge of the financial affairs of the corporation and shall keep accurate books of accounts. It shall be the Treasurer’s duty to:

  • Have custody of all funds, securities, and valuable documents of the corporation, except as the Directors may otherwise provide;

  • Schedule and meet with the accountant for training on management of the accounting system, the organization chart of accounts and appropriate bookkeeping practices, during the first month after being appointed.

  • Render promptly to the President and to the Directors such statements of his transactions and accounts as the President and Directors respectively may from time to time require;

  • Manage the relationship with the NEACOL accountant and provide him with any and all information required to prepare the annual tax returns, and any other reporting and registration requirement.

  • Perform such duties and have such powers as the Directors may designate.

  • Shall submit Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet statements, a copy of the bank statement and summary of accounts receivable and payable to the chair(s) of board and the President each month.

  • Source and manage relationships with all financial institutions, including credit card processors, keeping cost-effectiveness as a priority.

  • Review at least 2-3 proposals for any products or services to be purchased or contracted, and support operating committees in the selection of these.

  • Notify the Board of any budget modifications needed above $500.00 (not to exceed $2,000.00 in aggregate).

  • Work with the President to prepare the budget for the year.

  • Bid for and renew the NEACOL liability insurance policy(ies) on a yearly basis.

  • Perform additional duties and have such powers as the President and Directors designate.

  • Manage the relationship with the Certified Public Accountant to prepare the annual tax returns and conduct any necessary audits, bookkeeping and training of the Treasurer, after having its selection and any associated fees approved by the Board when required.

  • Build a finance team of two or three people to support your role as needed.

Treasurer Time Commitment

4-6 hours per week

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