Fundacion Juanfe

Project: Improving the physical and psychological health of children, ages 0 - 2 years and their teenage mothers

Location: Cartagena, Bolivar

Beneficiaries: 120 children

Fund programs that focus on the reduction of child mortality and the empowerment of adolescent mothers in conditions of extreme poverty.


Project: Mine Risk

Location: Meta & Cauca

Beneficiaries: 2,000 children

Fund programs that use soccer to educate children living in conflict and post conflict regions about the dangers of landmines, unexploded ordnance (UXO) and other Explosive Remnants of War (ERW).

Convivencia Productiva

Project: Respira

Location: Cauca, Colombia

Beneficiaries:  600 children

RESPIRA in Colombia is the framework initiative of Cooperative Productivity to promote mindfulness in Colombia through focused programs. We seek to be a model and living example of the practice and its teachings, counting on a highly qualified and dedicated team that shares the vision of contributing to the well-being and the construction of peace in all sectors of society.


mocoa - worldvision - 2017

Project: Giving The Gift of Hope to Children in Mocoa

Location: Mocoa, Putumayo

Beneficiaries: 1,217 children

In partnership with WorldVision, NEACOL provided recreational kits to benefit the children of Mocoa affected by the deadly flooding of April 2017.


Shoes to the world - 2016 / 2017

Project: Shoes to the World

Location: Medellin, Antioquia

Beneficiaries: 2,400 children

This project will donate new shoes for children ages 3-18 living in poverty in seven schools serving the poorest communities in Medellin, Antioquia.  

To prevent disease like Hookworm, prevent injuries by having proper shoes, and to help prevent funguses that are frequent in old hand-me-down shoes.

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Fundación Golondrinas - 2016 / 2017

Project: Fundación Golondrinas

Location: Antioquia and Cordoba

Beneficiaries: 600 children

Project “Lactancia Amor Natural”: This project promotes breast feeding and helps decrease childhood malnutrition. Based in Antioquia and Cordoba, this program helps 600 children.


Fundación Golondrinas

Fundación Golondrinas

Asociacion Pan de Vida CER - 2016 / 2017

Project: Alimentando la Esperanza de los Niños Campesinos

Location: Albán, Cundinamarca

Beneficiaries: 240 children

Project “Alimentando la Esperanza de los Niños Campesinos”: This project provides Children in the rural community of Albán- Cundinamarca with either breakfast or lunch, their only meal of the day. It will benefit 240 children.

Cultural Agents “Pre-Textos” - 2016 / 2017

Project: Cultural Agents

Location: Quibdo, Choco

Beneficiaries: 1,000 students per year

This project increases and develops critical reading and reasoning skills. It educates teachers to stimulate reading and writing creativity. This project is under the umbrella of literacy, leadership and civic education in the city of Quibdo, Choco. This project benefits 1,000 children.

Pre-Texts is a fun and flexible teacher training program that develops high order literacy and citizenship by using complex texts as prompts for making art.

Fundación imaginario, project - 2016 / 2017

Project: Fundación Imaginario

Location: Cali & Yumbo, Valle del Cauca

Beneficiaries: 200 students

Project “Deja tu Huella de Pax”: This project offers innovative programs to strengthen the character and leadership skills of students. Designed to increase students social impact in Cali and Yumbo, Valle del Cauca. This project benefits 200 children.


José Luis Berrío - 2016 / 2017

Project: Scholarship, Jose Luis Berrio

Location: Cartagena, Bolivar

Beneficiaries: 1 student: English, violin and preparation for college (2 Months)

Is a 17 year old talented violinist. José Luis lives in Cartagena and is part of the “Notas Tocando un Sueño” orchestra.

He was invited to play for two months with Director Jorge Arturo Soto of the “Boston String Academy” and with Professor Marielisa Alvarezof the “Longy School of Music”.

He also had a rehearsal with Director Rohan Smith of “Phillips Exeter Academy”. Jose Luis was sponsored in his ESL program by FLS international .

Jose Luis Berrio

Jose Luis Berrio

Fundación Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe - 2015 / 2016

Project: Fundación Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

Location: Santa Marta, Magdalena

Beneficiaries: 50 children

We sent educational toys to Children in Santa Marta – Magdalena. This project benefits 50 children.

Donated Gifts

Donated Gifts

Diocesis de Rioacha - 2015 / 2016

Project: Aprendiendo Bajo Techo (Learning under a Roof)

Location: Riohacha,Guajira

Beneficiaries: 50 students (Over 300 students Total)


The Roman Catholic Diocese of Riohacha is a non-profit organization that manages the educational service of the Madre Veronica School in Riohacha, Colombia. The school serves 302 children, in particular indigenous Wayuu and Afro-descendants from vulnerable and marginalized areas in the state of La Guajira. The children who attend this school are affected by the lack of clean water, malnutrition, and poor health. The majority of those children and their families live below the national poverty line.

The project “Aprendiendo Bajo Techo” will use NEACOL’s funds to expand Madre Veronica School and provide quality education and opportunities to more children in need from the region.

Click here to see a video of the project

FUNDACION cakike - 2015 / 2016

Project: Amimusik

Location: Bogota D.C., Cundinamarca

Beneficiaries: 30 children

The Cakike Foundation develops innovative music projects that help strengthen values in children and young adults in vulnerable conditions. It helps society to understand increasingly that music should be a fundamental element in the education of the population, and even an instrument for human change.

The “Amimusik” program focuses specifically on kindergarten and first-grade children, providing these children with basic musical knowledge, taking into account their motor, rhythmic, auditory, vocal, and instrumental development through group practices.

With the support of NEACOL, this program, located in the city of Bogota, will benefit children, ages 4 to 12, afflicted by poverty, neglect, lack of affection, lack of opportunities, domestic violence and lack of moral authority.

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fundacion futbol para el futuro (FPF) - 2015 / 2016

Project: Social Football

Location: Medellin, Antioquia

Beneficiaries: Over 100 children

Football for the future (FPF) is a non-profit organization with the mission of educating underserved children using football as a vehicle to take them to higher levels of education, enhance their talents and encourage healthy lifestyle choices. FPF, in partnership with educational institutions, sports clubs and the families of the children, aims to enhance and transform the lives of children for a healthy and brighter future.

NEACOL will support the “Social Football Program” that benefits more than a hundred children between the ages of 8 and 14 years. These children belong to vulnerable communities and environments, and their families don’t have the time and the financial resources to empower and look after them. The program is carried out in districts 4 (Aranjuez) and 16 (Belén) in the city of Medellín.

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first step big step - 2015

Project: Nutrition Workshop

Location: Yumbo, Valle del Cauca

Beneficiaries: 156 children


NEACOL is partnering with the non-profit organization, First Step Big Step in Cali, Colombia to support this initiative. The funds will specifically impact children ages 4-5 from El Caracolí, an early childhood development center located in an impoverished neighborhood in Yumbo, Valle del Cauca. This program will promote healthy dietary practices, improve nutrition knowledge, and raise awareness of the importance of good nutrition for early development.

This program supports our mission by contributing to improve the life conditions of Colombian children in need. 

We make an impact when we all work together!

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to love is to give -2014

Project: Backpacks

Location: Yumbo, Valle del Cauca

Beneficiaries: 270 children


NEACOL awarded over two hundred backpacks with schools supplies to children at Caracoli and Alcarrazas de Colores, Early Childhood and Development Centers, (EDC) located in high-risk communities with great financial need in Yumbo, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

NEACOL staff members and volunteers worked together with "To Love is to Give" a US based founding partner and fundraising vehicle for the (EDC) in Yumbo, Valled del Cauca, Colombia to make this project possible.

Click here to see a video of the project

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