In Memory of Paul...

In the light of the recent tragic accident of Paul Nuñez, son of Martha Rodriguez, our beloved member and volunteer, New England Association for Colombian Children (NEACOL) would like to honor his life's contribution as a scientist and family member.

During his time living, Paul fulfilled 3 dreams: He married the love of his life, he turned into a respected internationally astrophysicist and claimed the most beautiful mountains in the world. He was a loyal spouse, a humble and well achieved professional and his passion was to climb and enjoy nature.

Paul’s family celebrates his life and it is grateful for the gift of sharing it with him for the past 37 years; as wonderful person full of life and happiness of living, a friend full of tolerance and forgiveness living in harmony with others.

NEACOL is a  is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of Colombians and friends of Colombia committed to volunteering and collaborating to support social initiatives for the benefit of Colombian children. The three areas of focus for NEACOL are Education, Health and Nutrition.

Donations can be made below in the name of Paul Nuñez. All messages received will be forwarded to his Family.

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